This Project

Some time back I came across this wonderful article by Corinne Segal describing the amazing photo work being done by B.A Van Sise in chronicling and documenting some of today's greatest living poets.  What really captivated me, what made this work be more than just portraits of writers, is the great extent, the lengths to which Van Sise went to assure that each poet's individual nature, their essence was captured in their portrait.  Each photograph as elegantly unique as each subject's poetry.

I was so charmed and inspired by this article that I set out on my own project, to document and photograph the great many wonderful authors that I happen to know and know of through the literary community.  It's my aim in doing this work to collaborate with the subjects in creating portraits that portray them in their essence as writers and as people.  It is my goal to create a unique intersection of photography and poetry.    

This online gallery will feature photo shoots with writer/poets, which for now will be updated at random intervals, along with a brief bio and a short piece of writing by them which accompanies the theme of their shoot.

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  1. Dear Scott, I'm not exactly sure how I got this on my computer but I just want to say Good Work. You wrote interesting copy about the poets, the photos captured their personalities and the poems you published provided welcome insight into their work. Very much enjoyed reading.